Aroma Finance

The largest decentralized payment system provides a digital asset ecosystem that empowers you to control your own money.

Why Chosse Aroma Finance

Aroma Finance is a public resource that combines community-driven and decentralized digital currency. Aroma Finance is committed to adopting Aroma on a large scale in real life. The Aroma team is designed to encourage local businesses to accept Aroma Finance as a payment method and implement Aroma into e-commerce scripts. At the consumer level, the goal is to allow users to share assets, send money, or give Aroma as a gift to friends to realize the value of Aroma as a public asset.


A blockchain you can trust. Secured Safe Storage and Transfer of digital Assets Inclusive Democratic entry price, allowing everyone to participate

Aroma Finance Link Wallet

Aroma uses Trust Wallet which is a State-of-the-art wallet that provides various social features and improves security of the decentralized network.


Run by the community

Extremely Fast +

Super speed BEP20 Chain


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Token Detail

NAME : Aroma Finance
SUPPLY : 10,00,000
CONTRACT ADDRESS 0x4e2cc67bcab5afb31dcd3125e6fd3dda7420a11c

Token Distrbution

Our Roadmap